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1997 : The company launch CODEL Inc.  to manage sales and service in the USA.

1996 : The company first gained ISO 9000 certification for its QA management system.

1994 : The name of the company was changed to CODEL International Ltd

1993 : Launch of the first flue gas velocity monitor utilising infra-red correlation technology. These sensors now form part of the
          SmartCEM range of stack emission monitors as the VCEM-5000 flow sensors and offer high accuracy flow, low maintenance
          measurement at gas temperatures up to 1000deg C.

1992 : A contract for the supply of smoke and flame sensors for the passenger car shuttles in the Eurotunnel cross channel link was
          won. Altogether over 2500 sensors have operated flawlessly since the tunnel opened in 1995.

1991 : The company was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export Achievement.

1990 : The company appoint Palgo AB as distributor to manage sales and service for CEMs products in Sweden.

1989 : TUV certification received for the Intrans D Dust/Opacity monitor developed in cooperation with Hartman & Braun of Germany. 
          These used the novel technique of dual beams from identical transceivers located on opposite sides of the stack. This gives
          the significant benefit of total window contamination compensation and live misalignment awareness.

1987 : The company appoint Sarlin AB as distributor to manage sales and service in Finland.

1985 : The company produced its first opacity monitor using an LED as light source, probably the first example of this technology in
          the world.

1985 : The company appoint Pentol Enviro/Pentol Polska as distributor to manage sales and service in eastern Europe.

1984 : The company appoint POGC Sensor Tech as distributor to manage sales and service in Australia.

1984 : The company appoint Furmanite East Asia as distributor to manage sales and service in Hong Kong.

1983 : Launch of the Model 1010 CO monitor for combustion control under the trade name CODEL. Since that launch over 3000
         monitors have been sold to all corners of the world. It is still sold and widely used, having gained a reputation for reliability and

1982 : Company founded as Combustion Developments Ltd

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