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Model 602 and 611 - Flame Detector


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Model 620 and 611 f ultra-violet light flame detectors are designed to detect an open flame in confined spaces. The heavy duty, ultra-violet floor-mounted (611) and ceiling mounted (602 flame detectors are easily installed. Maintenance is limited to periodic cleaning of the lenses – as little as once per year depending on the application.
Extensively tested for vibration and the unique conditions of rolling stock, the instruments have been successfully operating inside the roll-on-roll-off passenger trains operated by Eurotunnel for over 15 years.
› High accuracy and stability is maintained over long periods


Low maintenance - limited to cleaning of optics
› Robust units fully sealed to IP68


Low cabling requirements
› Modular construction and simple installation


Certified for vibration, shock and electric & magnetic fields
Model 602 and 611 Smoke Detector  

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