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Gas Analyzers

CODEL's stack emissions gas analyzers are designed for a wide range of processes.  They can measure up to seven different gases including CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCl and H2O.  These multi-channel stack emission monitor can be configured as a fully integrated and automated CEMs systems or as stand-alone process control gas monitor.

Dust Monitors

CODEL’s dust, particulate and opacity monitors are designed for variety of applications. Monitoring broken bag detection in bag house dust collectors, smoke in small boilers and large combustion plant processes, our dust monitors have a proven track record throughout the world.

Flow Monitors

The CODEL flow monitor is a very unique and reliable flow monitor. It utilizes an IR correlation technique that enables direct non-contact measurement of the flue gas velocity. Because nothing is in contact with the flue gases, the sensors are ultra-reliable and require zero maintenance. There is no upper temperature limit of gases that can be monitored, heavy dust loading only increase the monitor’s capabilities.

Integrated Systems

SmartCEM brings all the gas, flow and opacity monitors together into one fully integrated package. A total solution which offers complete automatic calibration and verification, digital communication, data logging and automatic report generation software.

SmartCEM Software

SmartCEM software is more than a data logging and reporting software designed to satisfy EU and USEPA emissions reporting requirements. It incorporates two way digital communications with the SmartCEM analyzers that enables full remote diagnostic monitoring of all system components

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