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Integrated Systems


SmartCEM is a fully integrated emission monitoring concept. At the center of this concept is the SmartCEM Control Unit which controls all the analyzers and monitors to provide fully comprehensive stack emission monitoring. Individual analyzers and their calibration verification packages, digital communication, data logging and automatic reporting are all wrapped up in a single package.

Up to 16 SmartCEM stations and there accompanying analyzers, can be transmitted via a serial digital link (CODEL SmartBUS) to a Central Data Controller and then all logged on a dedicated PC or transmitted to the plant DCS.

SmartCEM systems dedicated computer with SmartCEM Software can be connected to the internet to offer remote access to the system operation. Our support center can monitor a system; diagnose potential problems at all times. Using this function the expertise of our engineers can be quickly utilized to check that the system is operating correctly and offer any technical support if required.
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