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Gas Analyzers

 Stack emission process monitors

CODEL has placed a high priority on the design of its products to be low maintenance and highly reliable. We use two basic techniques for stack gas analysis, In-site and extractive. The GCEM-4000 multi- gas analyzer use in-situ measurement technique. This technique is highly reliable even in stacks with extreme levels of dust loading. It is capable of monitoring up to seven different gases and is the measurement choice of many large coal fired power generators.

The GCEM-4100 uses a hot, wet extractive technique that requires no gas sample treatment and minimal analyzer maintenance. It is ideal for accurately monitoring low emission levels in hot flue gas steams such as gas turbine generators.

The GCEM-4200 lines of monitors are low cost, low maintenance monitors and are designed both for process control and emissions monitoring. They use in-situ technique and include an integral temperature controlled weather cover that extends there operating ambient temperature range to -20 to +70 °C.


Multi-channel  In-Situ Gas Analyser - CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, HCl, CH4, H20, temperature and pressure

Multi-channel Extractive Gas Analyser - CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, HCl, CH4, H20, temperature and pressure
  GCEM40 series

Single or multi-channel In-situ Flue Gas Analyser - CO , NO , NO2 , NOx , SO2 , CH4, HCl , CO2 & H˛O
  Model 1010

Single-channel Cross Duct  - CO Gas Analyser

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