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MonoGard Tribo Electric Quantitative Dust Monitor


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This monitor consists of two parts, a SiteGard detector and MonoGard processor. The SiteGard uses tribo-electric to measure dust loading and communicates digitally to the MonoGard processor. SiteGard / MonoGard are quantitative particulate monitor which can be used either as a dust emission monitor or as a simple broken bag detector. The MonoGard signal processor has the capability to connect four SiteGard sensors to it.

› Simple installation


Data logging available - up to 20 months memory
› Expandable - up to four SiteGard sensors


Range of duct sizes - from 250mm to 2m
› Virtually maintenance-free - low cost of ownership


Monitors dust in mg/m3 or kg/hr along with iso-kinetic testing
MonoGard - SiteGard quantitative dust monitor  

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