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DCEM2100 Dual Pass Opacity / Dust Monitor


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The DCEM2100 is a dual-pass transmissometer designed for the continuous measurement of opacity flue gases. Its unique optical arrangement allows for continuous measurements of transmissivity of visible light across the stack in opposite directions. This provides not only an accurate average of the opacity in the stack, but a dynamic monitoring of any miss-alignment errors due to stack movement. The analyzer is equipped with normalization data inputs for temperature, pressure, oxygen and water vapor. Suitable for use on all large combustion plant processes. It is designed as a stand-alone instrument and is suitable for use on all large combustion plant processes.
› Dual-pass transmissometer


Normalized reporting
› Auto zero and span check


Data in % opacity, mg/Nm3
› Dynamic miss-alignment check


Automatic shut-off valve in the event of purge air failure
› Contamination compensation for all external optical surfaces


High-efficiency air purges ensuring low-maintenance operation
DCEM2100 Dust monitor  

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