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CODEL is dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality instruments and monitors for measuring stack emissions, road tunnel atmospheres and plant equipment.

The philosophy is simple, with customer satisfaction at the top.  We do this by designing rugged and reliable instruments that are engineered to the highest standards. Our products are capable of continuous operation in the harshest of industrial environments for long periods of time.  Our 25 years of experience are a testament to our commitment to continuously improve our products and develop new products to meet today's demanding environmental and regulatory demands.

Our product line centers on Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Automated Measurement Systems (AMS), Combustion Control Monitors and Safety Analyzers.  These include In-situ and extractive flue gas emissions monitors, pollution sensors, dust and particulate monitors, opacity / smoke monitors, road tunnel monitors and flow monitors.   

Product Range

CODEL supplies to a range of applications such as

Emission Gas Monitoring | Road Tunnel Monitoring | Instrument Servicing | SmartCEM | Flue gas analyzer| Pollution Monitoring | Tunnel Sensor Air Quality Monitors
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